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Da Vinci - Mona Lisa - Mens Long Sleeve T-Shirt - sz L

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Artwork: Mona Lisa (aka la Gioconda)
Da Vinci's subtle shadowing of the eyes and mouth hide the exact nature of Mona Lisa's smile. Often referred to as the Laughing One, the Mona Lisa is arguably the most famous painting in the world. Begun in 1502, Leonardo did not complete the painting finished shortly before he died in 1519.

Artist: Leonardo da Vinci (Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci)
Scientist, engineer, mathematician, inventor, anatomist, painter, architect, sculptor, botanist, musician and writer, da Vinci was born the illegitimate son of a notary and a peasant girl. Often described as a universal genius, his curiosity was equaled only by his power of invention. His scientific achievements greatly advancing areas such as anatomy, optics and hydrodynamics, and many of his ideas were vastly ahead of their time, such as concepts of concentrated solar power, a tank, and a helicopter vehicle.

- 1 inch (1") = 2.54cm.
- The given sizes are approximations only, exact measurements may vary.
- To compare sizes take a similar item of your own that fits well and lay it flat, smooth it out and use a tape measure to measure straight across, making sure the tape measure is tight.
- Chest and shoulder measurements are obtained by measuring once across and then doubling this measurement.
- Back is from the highest point on the shoulder to the bottom hem.

P&N size (L)arge

Bust/chest: 43"
Shoulder: 20"
Arm: 9"
Yoke: n/a
SLeeve length: 25"
BAck height: 27"
Collar: n/a

Fabric: Cotton & Polyester blend

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